The St. Margaret’s Cup
The St. Margaret’s Cup

2024 will be the first time in its 105 year history that St. Margaret’s B.C. hosts its own tournament. The inaugural St. Margaret’s Cup Tournament will be a six hour, one day event held on Saturday 8th June. It will be played over seven courts at Whitgift Sports and Conference Centre, Haling Park, South Croydon. The tournament will be graded and for fifty or so club players and friends. The event will be managed by the tournament secretary, Gareth Hogan and the Tournament Committee.

The design of the tournament logo incorporates the club shield, the Choong Cup, and the Crown of St. Margaret – a symbol associated with the St. Margaret’s cricket, football and badminton clubs since 1910.

The Choong Cup

The Choong Cup is a vintage silver trophy, donated to the club for the St. Margaret’s Cup. It was presented originally for men’s doubles at the Isle of Wight Badminton Championships from 1954-1962.

The Cup is named for the brothers David E.L. (1929-2011) and Eddy E.J. Choong (1931-2013), who dominated the sport with skill and panache as part of the 1950s Asian wave. At the 1956 All England, Eddy refused to attend the celebration dinner having been racially discriminated against by the organisers. On another occasion, Jørn Skaarup of Denmark conceded a match to Choong, acknowledging that the Malaysian had been treated unfairly. Skaarup earned Choong’s respect and friendship with his fair play. The Choong Cup is awarded to the winning men’s doubles pair at grade A, and symbolises excellence and fair play.